Why, with terminal leukemia,spend 4 hours a day in the studio and planning a farewell tour?

The answer is simple. This is my last chance to establish some credibility as a musician before I die and before I become completely disabled to create music. Commercially, I released 25 cd’s since 2002 including live albums and charitable covers albums. On Tuesday 2 Feb 2016, I released my 25th, Terminator V617-F, just 3 months after releasing my 24th, Blast-O-Rama. on the latter, I decided to change direction a bit in an effort to create the heaviest music ever created by fusing distorted guitars and basses with a bass trombone, tenor trombone and alto trombone and then adding matching band and jazz riffs to create epic 7-9 minute songs. I liked this although my critics were mixed about it, so I dived deeper on this concept on Terminator. After finishing the studio work on Terminator, I was feeling more sick than ever while taking a break. but during this break, I had an idea. I will cover the complete Who rock opera, Quadrophenia. I played bass in rock bands in the 1970’s and somehow I was able to tackle the late John Entwistle’s style-I played The Real Me note for note-but that was 40 years ago. I can still do it. I set my bass on the DOD RX50 at setting 34 and the insert effect at BassMulti1 and it sounds like he sounded. the song Quadrophenia worried me as it is no less than a symphony and I pulled it off–more later

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