#8-28 Bul-Mar-chesh’van 3467 or 12/27/2016-did I win this season? or just keep losing? it was 2 losses to 1 win

the first loss was last month-a specialty commercial DJ had developed a tendendency for my perstistancty of sending him songs. by chanukkah 2010 he aired my “No Festival Of Lights:(On this Chanukah) on either WRXP 101.7 or another commercial station-102 100.5 in the middle of the dial where z100.3 was. that was my biggest thrill–not at 87.7 or 90.5 the left of the dial where I belonged but w/ bruce, Bieber, Madonna. between 2011 and 2014 he reached out to me–I used wrote him a special song-he played it on his special weekly Hanukkah show. I reached out to him in 2015 in nov. as I already penned ‘spin a dreidl all around me.’ it was thw anchor song of my 25th, ‘terminator v617f’. he answered me back in 2 weeks for a and spot 12/15/15 between 11 and 1 am on the Shark WWSK 94.3-thrilling as I enjoyed te station myself. I stayed up to 1.30 ick as as I was.
this year 11/2/16 I reached to him on his special e-mail–3 attempts—nothing and then 2 on his facebook–nothing. yesterday nite was the chanakkauah show–and from mee =nothing– I was saddened.

2nd loss–”oy songs” promoting jewish music by jewish artists–a natural fit? NO–I GET THIs Freeeeking form letter

Dear Dr. steve lieberman,

Your application to become a new oySongs artist has been carefully examined by our staff.

At this time, we will not pursue an arrangement to sell your music. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at oy@oySongs.com.

Thank you,


THATS COLD TO THE CORE. addly, Jewish Rock Raddio gave me their second ignoring of the year.
BUT THE SEASON WAS A BIG WINNER!!! THE Academia grant me my 2 nd award for the best (get this) FUNK/FUSIONfor Hall’el 467″ from the new CD–my 1st award for being King!! they invited me to a red carpet gala celebration on 4/20/2017 in LA! and there was a great station playing lots of my songs called JacksPunkDemonistration.com.

the sad part, my health is falling quick and am unsure how long it will be. but I am a winner as I told you all these things today–I have much advanced dementia and I have omore pills for the spleen andliver. the pain excruiciates. love you all lots–steve ‘the father of the punkrock flute’ the gangsta rabbi’ ‘the self=proclaimed king of jewish punk,’the king of jewish punk’ Lieberman. love yas greatly

#7-Different Puppies I love :part 1-Buttons bat-Sheva berechiah Caftorim (29 Dec.1989-22 Sept.2004)

there’s no doubt that Rocky was the first dog I ever liked. he was a long haired German Shepherd owned by friend Ike born c.1974–not Ike, Rocky. it was a long time til I loved a dog and her name was Buttons. she was my 1st dog. we bought our 1st house in Freeport on 12/24/1991, I completed my 1dt cassette few days later, ‘Bang The Bass Bopmania’ and then adopted Buttons on 12/29/1991.her b’day–easy they said she was between 1 and 3 (b.1986,87 or 89) and it was 12/29/1991–so 12/29/89–no rocket science. he came at an opportune time for me –right between my daughters, heidi(1985) was older sister and beckah(1994) as younger. songs of Buttons wee all over my early cd’s :Puppy . For buttons, 2002-badlania Rising.2003 Desert Fever brigade For Buttons 14t 12/29/03,Liquitia 455 (2004)Dogpark 2004. and th list continues. I was pleased that buttons lived 14.75 or 103 in dogyears. she was the 1st dog I ever loved Buttons Bat-Shevah berechiah caftorim (1989-2004) or 3440-3455

#6–Conflicts I’ve been redeemed from-part 1 (1971-1972) 26 Bul=Mar’cheshvan 3467 or 25 December,2016–happy holidays to all

in the beginning of 8th grade I got my first bass on 9/18/1971. it was an ugly red semi-hollow by the brand name of Kimberly and my amp was a 25 watt RMS solid date called Basstone by Domino. it costed be my bar-mitzvah money $100.00. I took it home. I played upside down and backwards. I played more than 1 note at once. there was an opening in jr high school jazz band where I spent the prior year playing 2nd trombone. no i’m gonna be bass player. that was great. I can read any music written for the bass.
very soon 8th grade got ugly for me. I had a lot of major oppressors who never accepted my terms of repentance– do after 45 years I name mames for their meaness:
Lawrence Zucchero
Matthew Birmingham
Jeffrey mc—–who I think we came to agreement in 1972. of all these 3–violence was performed–me vs them. I lost because thy were bigger than me==it was hell that never ended.
the summer of 1972 was important. I got ‘thick as a brick for my 14t h b-day and taking in all that rockradio had to offer I learned to read anything written for the bass! so here comes the drummer
Martin Grant who never got on with me. with him, a slick looking older boy called Frank Mineo. He had a Gibson bass and a big amp with a head and cab. he plugs it in and whipps out this iron-maiden type riff. I hear martin saying to frank–sorry that’s all we could get you as completion—hey a**hole–i’m rihjt here–s are me further humiliation. so Mr Heilker the band leader comes back. he knows was a good bass player for the first year abd good for the band. he starts the song–mr mineo is improvising I was reading note for note–theywas a break in the song of Mr Mineo Whips thru metal star. Mr. H asks Frank to play the 3rd measure of Letter A of the score. but one problem–mineo cant read music. Heilker shouts out –you’re faking and exiles Frank fprever from bandroom.Heilker said to me–Congrats Lieberman–you will be m bass player.i look over at Martin Grant. he had egg on his face. what did i do him that needed humiliation. My G-d sure delivered me

#5 My Borrowed Time Part 4-First Badlan’im Chapter 1-24 Bul-Mar’cheshvan 3467–or 12/23/2016

i’m in a rush to get this to you guys as naptime approaches and then, Shabbos. but this is special. I have supplement my daily prayer book with 4 prayers instituting the 1st book of the Badlan’im. I don’t think a written copy exists, it’s all from my memory.

here it is

The First Book of The Badlan’im

The prayers to the G-d Of Israel


1-We pray that Thou mayest heal who are sick,redeem who are oppressed and bless all of us who call upon Thee in righteousness and serve The in truth.

2-we pray that Thou take us back again,pray forgive our sins for we love Thee and serve Thee for all our days. Pray we may always live within the Blessings of Thy presence.

3-we pray that Thou may accept the prayer we offer unto Thee.

4-We Pray that Thou mayest grant unto us of Thy












Confidence and

Redemption that

9-we may be able to make it through the trials and tribulations that this day may bring and

10-we may be able to serve all that call upon us in righteous, truth and all humility.

11-we pray unto Thee that Thou mayest dispose us favourably unto people and people favourable to us that they may see our plight and deal kindly with us and we may prosper and continue to prosper.

12-we pray unto Thee that Thou mayest grant us Peace and Well-being that no one rise up against us, no one oppress us and no one deal unkindly with us.

13-We pray unti Thee that Thou mayest watch over us that we may live a life only in a way pleasing to Thee, not do anything unholy or unseemingly before Thee and not cause any pain or shame to all.



#3-My Borrowed Time-PART #2-today 21 Bul-Mar’Cheshvan 3467 for today Tuesday 20 December 2016.

I gave up doctors for some 75 days or so, as my care is in the Hands of the G-d Of Israel, but today included some nice doctors–to make my cancer better and less deadly??-no but to deal with acute hearing loss and progressing dementia. the dementia is kind of cool. the thoughts are coming at me at the speed of light (186,276 miles/second) and i’m frustrated that I can’t vocalize any of this as its way too fast .by the mouth hits in the brain changed subject a hlf dozen times and it sounds like I am raving mad.

ok, we have a 7.50am appointment. I get Beckah down at 6.45. we get there and are called to see a young lady audiologist who has a machine that tests for hearing loss. it took a few minutes. right away we see our doctor (for me a 2nd cousin-in-law 2x removed who I knew since he was a boy.) he examines the report and tells me I have 60+% hearing loss in both ears–and get this–only 25% is caused by playing heavy metal music before they even called it that-and the other 35% a combination a result of premature aging along with and from having cancer so long. I go back to the young lady audiologists office and she is working with 2 tiny devises which she places in my ears. I hear well with them.in 6 weeks I will have them.

the antecdote from all of this– the reception looks at Beckah and then me and instead of assuming Beckah was my daughter, she assumed she was my granddaughter. beckah looks like 17 and me about 72–it actually made good sense.

and now the fun–beckah knows all the burger kings with the unlimited soda bar and one was right there. I drank my fill. any day out with beckah is a good day




#2-MY BORROWED TIME part #1 March& April 2016—————– 19 Bul-Marcheshvan 3467(today in Bad’lania) or 12/18/2016.

I went through all the things, on time and for some part, successfully. I got to play a very particular bar in my hometown of Bellmore, NY to start the show==a month later I was honored by the entire local punk community in an almost eulogy-that was to rep Suffolk County for the goodness they gave me-and then to the Vault in Queens Village to serve up to the people who appreciate me the most.–the outsider.

The Playlist–The Who’s Quadophenia. My recorded version ran 70.49  live it was closer  80min. by this point until 5/11 I had no need to accept donor blood. I accompanied myself o 3 instruments-the distorted bass, a 3-stringed fender strat and a little alto trombone. as sick as I was through, I was banging my head against the Sloan=Kettering panel of experts to try yet a 4th treatment of chemo. I need each day a full hour to practice when no one is home as now i’m pretty close to feeling all deaf so I have it up loud and another hour to work on my 27th offering, the 2 of three in the ‘Dementia Trilogy 1,2 and 3″ called “The Gangsta Rabbi’s Tommy”. I was doing way too much, but by the Will of G-d, I was doing it!

what also kept me stoked in this difficult time was the positive reviews of Terminator v617F (the V617F is the name of the mutated chromosome JanaseKinaseV617F that causes the type of leukemia I have. it only turns fatal in about 30-35% of cases and it took the long way around, first manifesting itself as polycythemia vera which when a allele burden of Jak2v617f it would transform to PPV Myelofibrosis which is deadly. your bone marrow shuts down than you die of an acute leukemia, multiple organ failure or an opportunistic infection. I got my first bone marrow which said this killer is ready for stage next–bute there’s nothing a”cute” about. nevertheless the reviews of the cd’s pretty much referred me as a ‘creative and talented musician who needs to be heard. and that was just fine with me. and for the “Gangsta Rabbi’s Quadropenia” I couldn’t I was covering yhis great masterwork myself and it was viable!