#2-MY BORROWED TIME part #1 March& April 2016—————– 19 Bul-Marcheshvan 3467(today in Bad’lania) or 12/18/2016.

I went through all the things, on time and for some part, successfully. I got to play a very particular bar in my hometown of Bellmore, NY to start the show==a month later I was honored by the entire local punk community in an almost eulogy-that was to rep Suffolk County for the goodness they gave me-and then to the Vault in Queens Village to serve up to the people who appreciate me the most.–the outsider.

The Playlist–The Who’s Quadophenia. My recorded version ran 70.49  live it was closer  80min. by this point until 5/11 I had no need to accept donor blood. I accompanied myself o 3 instruments-the distorted bass, a 3-stringed fender strat and a little alto trombone. as sick as I was through, I was banging my head against the Sloan=Kettering panel of experts to try yet a 4th treatment of chemo. I need each day a full hour to practice when no one is home as now i’m pretty close to feeling all deaf so I have it up loud and another hour to work on my 27th offering, the 2 of three in the ‘Dementia Trilogy 1,2 and 3″ called “The Gangsta Rabbi’s Tommy”. I was doing way too much, but by the Will of G-d, I was doing it!

what also kept me stoked in this difficult time was the positive reviews of Terminator v617F (the V617F is the name of the mutated chromosome JanaseKinaseV617F that causes the type of leukemia I have. it only turns fatal in about 30-35% of cases and it took the long way around, first manifesting itself as polycythemia vera which when a allele burden of Jak2v617f it would transform to PPV Myelofibrosis which is deadly. your bone marrow shuts down than you die of an acute leukemia, multiple organ failure or an opportunistic infection. I got my first bone marrow which said this killer is ready for stage next–bute there’s nothing a”cute” about. nevertheless the reviews of the cd’s pretty much referred me as a ‘creative and talented musician who needs to be heard. and that was just fine with me. and for the “Gangsta Rabbi’s Quadropenia” I couldn’t I was covering yhis great masterwork myself and it was viable!


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