#3-My Borrowed Time-PART #2-today 21 Bul-Mar’Cheshvan 3467 for today Tuesday 20 December 2016.

I gave up doctors for some 75 days or so, as my care is in the Hands of the G-d Of Israel, but today included some nice doctors–to make my cancer better and less deadly??-no but to deal with acute hearing loss and progressing dementia. the dementia is kind of cool. the thoughts are coming at me at the speed of light (186,276 miles/second) and i’m frustrated that I can’t vocalize any of this as its way too fast .by the mouth hits in the brain changed subject a hlf dozen times and it sounds like I am raving mad.

ok, we have a 7.50am appointment. I get Beckah down at 6.45. we get there and are called to see a young lady audiologist who has a machine that tests for hearing loss. it took a few minutes. right away we see our doctor (for me a 2nd cousin-in-law 2x removed who I knew since he was a boy.) he examines the report and tells me I have 60+% hearing loss in both ears–and get this–only 25% is caused by playing heavy metal music before they even called it that-and the other 35% a combination a result of premature aging along with and from having cancer so long. I go back to the young lady audiologists office and she is working with 2 tiny devises which she places in my ears. I hear well with them.in 6 weeks I will have them.

the antecdote from all of this– the reception looks at Beckah and then me and instead of assuming Beckah was my daughter, she assumed she was my granddaughter. beckah looks like 17 and me about 72–it actually made good sense.

and now the fun–beckah knows all the burger kings with the unlimited soda bar and one was right there. I drank my fill. any day out with beckah is a good day





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