#5 My Borrowed Time Part 4-First Badlan’im Chapter 1-24 Bul-Mar’cheshvan 3467–or 12/23/2016

i’m in a rush to get this to you guys as naptime approaches and then, Shabbos. but this is special. I have supplement my daily prayer book with 4 prayers instituting the 1st book of the Badlan’im. I don’t think a written copy exists, it’s all from my memory.

here it is

The First Book of The Badlan’im

The prayers to the G-d Of Israel


1-We pray that Thou mayest heal who are sick,redeem who are oppressed and bless all of us who call upon Thee in righteousness and serve The in truth.

2-we pray that Thou take us back again,pray forgive our sins for we love Thee and serve Thee for all our days. Pray we may always live within the Blessings of Thy presence.

3-we pray that Thou may accept the prayer we offer unto Thee.

4-We Pray that Thou mayest grant unto us of Thy












Confidence and

Redemption that

9-we may be able to make it through the trials and tribulations that this day may bring and

10-we may be able to serve all that call upon us in righteous, truth and all humility.

11-we pray unto Thee that Thou mayest dispose us favourably unto people and people favourable to us that they may see our plight and deal kindly with us and we may prosper and continue to prosper.

12-we pray unto Thee that Thou mayest grant us Peace and Well-being that no one rise up against us, no one oppress us and no one deal unkindly with us.

13-We pray unti Thee that Thou mayest watch over us that we may live a life only in a way pleasing to Thee, not do anything unholy or unseemingly before Thee and not cause any pain or shame to all.




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