#6–Conflicts I’ve been redeemed from-part 1 (1971-1972) 26 Bul=Mar’cheshvan 3467 or 25 December,2016–happy holidays to all

in the beginning of 8th grade I got my first bass on 9/18/1971. it was an ugly red semi-hollow by the brand name of Kimberly and my amp was a 25 watt RMS solid date called Basstone by Domino. it costed be my bar-mitzvah money $100.00. I took it home. I played upside down and backwards. I played more than 1 note at once. there was an opening in jr high school jazz band where I spent the prior year playing 2nd trombone. no i’m gonna be bass player. that was great. I can read any music written for the bass.
very soon 8th grade got ugly for me. I had a lot of major oppressors who never accepted my terms of repentance– do after 45 years I name mames for their meaness:
Lawrence Zucchero
Matthew Birmingham
Jeffrey mc—–who I think we came to agreement in 1972. of all these 3–violence was performed–me vs them. I lost because thy were bigger than me==it was hell that never ended.
the summer of 1972 was important. I got ‘thick as a brick for my 14t h b-day and taking in all that rockradio had to offer I learned to read anything written for the bass! so here comes the drummer
Martin Grant who never got on with me. with him, a slick looking older boy called Frank Mineo. He had a Gibson bass and a big amp with a head and cab. he plugs it in and whipps out this iron-maiden type riff. I hear martin saying to frank–sorry that’s all we could get you as completion—hey a**hole–i’m rihjt here–s are me further humiliation. so Mr Heilker the band leader comes back. he knows was a good bass player for the first year abd good for the band. he starts the song–mr mineo is improvising I was reading note for note–theywas a break in the song of Mr Mineo Whips thru metal star. Mr. H asks Frank to play the 3rd measure of Letter A of the score. but one problem–mineo cant read music. Heilker shouts out –you’re faking and exiles Frank fprever from bandroom.Heilker said to me–Congrats Lieberman–you will be m bass player.i look over at Martin Grant. he had egg on his face. what did i do him that needed humiliation. My G-d sure delivered me


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