#7-Different Puppies I love :part 1-Buttons bat-Sheva berechiah Caftorim (29 Dec.1989-22 Sept.2004)

there’s no doubt that Rocky was the first dog I ever liked. he was a long haired German Shepherd owned by friend Ike born c.1974–not Ike, Rocky. it was a long time til I loved a dog and her name was Buttons. she was my 1st dog. we bought our 1st house in Freeport on 12/24/1991, I completed my 1dt cassette few days later, ‘Bang The Bass Bopmania’ and then adopted Buttons on 12/29/1991.her b’day–easy they said she was between 1 and 3 (b.1986,87 or 89) and it was 12/29/1991–so 12/29/89–no rocket science. he came at an opportune time for me –right between my daughters, heidi(1985) was older sister and beckah(1994) as younger. songs of Buttons wee all over my early cd’s :Puppy . For buttons, 2002-badlania Rising.2003 Desert Fever brigade For Buttons 14t 12/29/03,Liquitia 455 (2004)Dogpark 2004. and th list continues. I was pleased that buttons lived 14.75 or 103 in dogyears. she was the 1st dog I ever loved Buttons Bat-Shevah berechiah caftorim (1989-2004) or 3440-3455


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