#8-28 Bul-Mar-chesh’van 3467 or 12/27/2016-did I win this season? or just keep losing? it was 2 losses to 1 win

the first loss was last month-a specialty commercial DJ had developed a tendendency for my perstistancty of sending him songs. by chanukkah 2010 he aired my “No Festival Of Lights:(On this Chanukah) on either WRXP 101.7 or another commercial station-102 100.5 in the middle of the dial where z100.3 was. that was my biggest thrill–not at 87.7 or 90.5 the left of the dial where I belonged but w/ bruce, Bieber, Madonna. between 2011 and 2014 he reached out to me–I used wrote him a special song-he played it on his special weekly Hanukkah show. I reached out to him in 2015 in nov. as I already penned ‘spin a dreidl all around me.’ it was thw anchor song of my 25th, ‘terminator v617f’. he answered me back in 2 weeks for a and spot 12/15/15 between 11 and 1 am on the Shark WWSK 94.3-thrilling as I enjoyed te station myself. I stayed up to 1.30 ick as as I was.
this year 11/2/16 I reached to him on his special e-mail–3 attempts—nothing and then 2 on his facebook–nothing. yesterday nite was the chanakkauah show–and from mee =nothing– I was saddened.

2nd loss–”oy songs” promoting jewish music by jewish artists–a natural fit? NO–I GET THIs Freeeeking form letter

Dear Dr. steve lieberman,

Your application to become a new oySongs artist has been carefully examined by our staff.

At this time, we will not pursue an arrangement to sell your music. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at oy@oySongs.com.

Thank you,


THATS COLD TO THE CORE. addly, Jewish Rock Raddio gave me their second ignoring of the year.
BUT THE SEASON WAS A BIG WINNER!!! THE Academia grant me my 2 nd award for the best (get this) FUNK/FUSIONfor Hall’el 467″ from the new CD–my 1st award for being King!! they invited me to a red carpet gala celebration on 4/20/2017 in LA! and there was a great station playing lots of my songs called JacksPunkDemonistration.com.

the sad part, my health is falling quick and am unsure how long it will be. but I am a winner as I told you all these things today–I have much advanced dementia and I have omore pills for the spleen andliver. the pain excruiciates. love you all lots–steve ‘the father of the punkrock flute’ the gangsta rabbi’ ‘the self=proclaimed king of jewish punk,’the king of jewish punk’ Lieberman. love yas greatly

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