#9-18 Bad’ania 3467-1/19/2017–’25 Days In a Coma’ does prayer work on deadly diseases ? you and I know–and believe!

ok–I got leukemia-induced pneumonia. on 12/29 they put me into a coma else I would have surely died. but I didn’t. I come out a slimmer, healthier bad boy needed to eat paper as that’s all I could get but w/bad hair. from my 45 years of biblical studies and searching the ways of the G-d of Israel–prayer saved my life again. the afterlife was less intense this time.but who wakes from that w/0 scathing. I have to thank my loved ones who held their vigil for me.im not sure of the number,nor does it matter, but I know I appeared on so many rfuah shlama lists–albout 1/2 Jewish,1/2 Christian and actually a handful of Islam. did prayer save my life? you bet ya/ my real test was in 3447 (1996)when I figured the Badlan sect and risked lots in the service of my G=d

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