#12-4 Caftor’im 3467 (1/30/2017) The First Book of the Badlan’im-Hal’lel#2-THE PRAYER OF REPENTENANCE OF THE BAD’LAN

The First Book of The Badlan’im
The prayers to the G-d Of Israel
Hal’lel # 2
From the Bad’lan

1-Thou hast blessed Thy servant by granting me all the blessings of the heart and soul until I wanted for nothing.
2-In the wisdom Thou hast granted me (in the years that followed) I know now it would have been proper to bless, praise, exalt and glorify Thy Holy Name and offer Thee prayers of thanksgiving for the blessings and great blessings Thou has granted me.
3-But instead , I turned arrogant in my prosperity.
4-And when my iniquity was fulfilled, Thou sent me through desolation.
5-but even as I served in desolation, Thou hast graciously sustained me.
6-And from my desolation. I confessed, repented and lamented my sins before Thee
7-And in Thine infinite Goodness, Thou hast heard my prayer and brought me back to Thy Service.
8-Now I serve and will serve Thee with all my heart, all my soul and all my might for all the days Thou grant me.

Repentenance for 3437-3444
Lev Avar’an bar-Eliazer ha-Bad’lan ha-Nazar’i

THis prayer is unusual for Jewish
prayer as it goes directly from me to G-d. that is an important principle of the Bad’lans-to pray continually with ‘anchor’ Hallels said at different times of the day-in conjuction with the authorized Hebrew prayer book and continual Bible study from the books of Genesis to 2nd Chronicles

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