#13–6 Caftor’im 3467 (2/1/2017) in April 1973–one great day in a sea of miserable ones

it was sometime in 4/1973. we were in 9th grade in junior high preparing for high school. I was finishing up my 2nd full year in jazz band with a good proficiency by then in the reading and playing music there. most of my haters and disrespectors were silenced by my slowly growing abilities. in mepham HS, where we would go that September, the current bass player and lead guitar were graduating,leaving vacancies in those positions.
the High school band director visited Jerusalem Ave junior high on a Tuesday ib April 1973. me and Nick were gonna be 15 that June. Mr Rockwin came to audition us for the 2 vacancies in the jazz band left by the 2 graduates. he hands me the bass part. instead of all bass music which is written an octave higher to avoid too many ledger lines below the bass clef staff, this was written in rhe true pitch where only the higher notes starting with G on the 5th fret of the D=string. was he trying to weed me out by giving me music impossible to read? but I was also 1st tuba player in the regular band–reading those ledger lines with proficiency.i ‘m not sure who was drumming for us. the director counted it off. Nick is playing all these 9th and 11th jazz chords perfectly as i’m reading this strange looking chart. the song was ib the key of Bb much harder than I was used to but we both hit it out of the park. then we got to letter C. the drummer plays a fill and now the music looked like Eb////Bb////C////Ab////. I said what the heck do I do here. the drummer changes ro a swing beat and I decided to plau arpeggio’s 4 quarter notes.Nick started shredding jazz and I took a solo. I was bot to good at improve. nevertheless, before mr rockwin left he appointed me as bassist and nick as guitarist for the 1973-1974 mepham high school jazzband. in December that year, we travelled to Chicago for a festival and me and Nick started playing together in a rock band which eventually became Transit. 43 years later he joined me to play the real me on my 2016 farewell tour.

but I don’t remember if I had breakfast today.
lobe ya’s all


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