#14–12 Caftor’im 3467 (2/7/2017)I am the MIRACLE BOY OF THE G-D OF ISRAEL

THe reason is simple. I got terminal leukemia. all prognosis stuff had me dead in October 2015. it’s 16 months later and i’m here writing blogs to you. can’t sit up that long or stand up even less. the disease took 40 something percent of my body weight-which actually is good. the pain from enlarged spleen and liver is mostly unbearable and I even temporarily died twice and saw the purity of the afterlife. so why am I the miracle boy of the G-d of Israel. I never saw a cancer doctor in 6 months. I put my trust in G=d and for some reason it was His will to sustain me. I should have been dead a while ago but here I am. after this, I will record tracks for my 31st album.

heres the timeline
2010-6/18 got diagnosed with polycythemia vera-a cancer in which the bone marrow produces too many red cells and is uncurable. the treatment is removing a pint of blood every few weeks or so to keep the red cell count in line. in the beginning, I needed 4 pints of blood removed. it did not lower the reds.in my case, whites and platelets were also off the chart. this was all from a mutated chromosome called the MPL(myeloprolifirative leukemia)/JAK2-v617f with the dangerous allele burden c1849<t. doesn't look like a normal life ahead.

2011-12/11 after not seeing cancer doctors for months, I get put on a myelosuppressive chemotherapy which too I ineffective. I retire from the stage as my health was in decline at that time

2013-7/17 first bone marrow biopsy reveals that the disease progressed into secondary myelofibrosis, a disease where the bone marrow petrifies to fiber and becomes unable to produce blood cells.the cells it does produced are cancerous and poor blood cells are produced by the spleen and then the liver which also eat the cancer cells so the organs become huge and painful all the time.this condition is deadly and with the risk factors I had gave me 2.2 years.
2013-9/3-2014-02/7 2nd round of chemotherapy-the use of heat shock inhibitors to attack the mutation and slow progression. this did not work and got me sicker.
2014–a very bad year. had 36 blood tranfusions and spent a total of 48 days in hospital. passed out pretty much every day from lack of hemoglobin. with now the disease was in the high risk myelofibrosis, both NYS and the Federal gov't gave me full disability retirement after a 35 year career. 100-150 people attended my retirement party and I performed a song from my 'cancer ward' album.
2015-10/4—3rd round of chemo–a medicine that attacks the Jak2 mutation–it didn't work. my spleen burst that year–usually deadly but not for me.
2016-6-8 4th round-more hsp90's. I knew it wouldn't work but I stayed on as the research from me provided answers to cure juvenile leukemia and was worth all the sicknes I got.
2016-6/8 my 12th biopsy revealed beginning transformation to the final stop-acute myeloid leukemia. when blast cells hit 20 percent then its pretty much over. I had 2 percent then and in the hospital the reading 7.6.
2016-12/29 hospitalzed 29 days with leukemia induced pneumonia which is frequently deadly so they put me in a coma and again I visited the Lowest of Heavens.
and that is why I am the G-d of Israel's miracle boy.i went through so many things that for most are deadly. I should have been dead a half dozen times but G-d sustained my life other than 2 temporary deaths. He has plans for mr.


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