#16–25 Caftor’im 3467 (2/20/2017) they were embarrassed of me.They said I was “Just another acid-rocker”

it’s been over 11 years since this happened but I couldn’t talk of it till now. won’t mention names as the gag order was on so tight. here it goes.
for multiple decades I served an organization (as a financial executive) who took pride in its tolerance for diversity. except if you ar a Jewish punk rocker.
I played a number of shows sponsored by them in my early days 1994,1995 and 2000. it was great playing in my own neighborhood for many people I now. they really enjoyed the shows as evidenced by the applause on my live cassettes, ‘mission of Tolerance 5755’ (1994), ‘Ministering the Badlan’im (1995) and Berlin 3451 (2000). a new person came to power.
its now 2006.my career took a fall when the Downtown closed in 9/2005. then I received some great news. the long island news network, News 12 wanted to do a special on me as a human interest story ie, financial executive by day, punk rocker by night. a few of my co-workers came down to the Pisces café in Babylon to see the taping on 1/25/2006. I played “garbage man’ my loudest and fastest song I have. they taped parts of my performance and interviewed me and my colleagues.it went great nd I was excited.
it aired on News 12 on 2/8/2006 for thousands of people and ws played every hour on the half hour and ran about 7 minutes. I recorded it on vcr.everybody congratulated me. but then the shit show happened
. some of my coworkers who attended the show and were interviewed had received calls from a member of the ceo’s staff for their thoughts on me and their reaction to my ‘double life’.no one said anything good or bad about the organization. my assistant mentioned the name of the place we worked and she bore the brunt of it. as for me, no one called me.i would have defended them with my life, but no one called me -it was my show and no one called.
for about 3 weeks, the ceo would not speak to me or my assistant. when he finally did, he said something to the effect that ‘his numbers guy bites the head off bats like ozzy osbourne. I was so embarassed’.
for the next 4 or 5 years, none of my coworkers attended any of my shows until another man came to power.
I’ve been retired from that organization for 2 1/2 years now. the gag order was on so tight, i’m still frightened to mention names.before returned, different men came to power who were much more open to my diversity. Blessed be G-d

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