#19–1 Ab’ib 3468-27 March 2017–HAPPY NEW YEAR 3468!!!

‘And the L-RD spoke to Moses and Aaron in the Land of Egypt saying, This month shall mark the beginning of the months for you. It shall be the first of the year’–Exodus 12.1
what does this say? it says at Sundown tonight it will be the new year according to G-d’s Commandment, in fact the first Commandment He gave the Israelites as a nation. it was 2 weeks before the first Passover.i’m no sure why I get looked at as if I had 2 heads when stating this.it is a Commandment of the G-d of Israel, one of the 613 yet is it true this is only followed among the Hebrews by the Bad’lans yet the other 10 million or so Hebrews choose to celebrate on the Feast of Trumpets on the 1st day of the 7th month which I don’t think is right.

I know as I was told about 4 different Hebrew new years I think civil, religious, tree and another. I choose to celebrate the one our G-d commanded us to.

Happy New Year 3468.
love ya’s all

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