#21-8 Mid’bar 3468,(7/2/2017)”Bad’lania Is Still Rising”-a double record for the 15th anniversary of my 1st cd

8/27/2002-my first CD, ‘Bad’lania Rising” was released. for its 15th anniversary I will release a double cd called ‘Bad’lania Is Still Rising:3rd King of Jewish Punk #32/70 and “LoungeCore for the Working Poor #33/71″. the 1st disc will continue in the KJP series rewriting and reworking my vast back catalog.
on the second one it’s kind of different. it will be primarily instrumental work-ups of songs on thr KJP series. I do this not to sell out ,but to help fulfill an item on my bucket list-to have a song licensed. the music supervisors don’t care i’m having a Jewish Riot or i’m fighting a bitter battle with cancer, they just need something that will work with a synch.i so far have no success on this, but have been shortlisted 12x and 3x final selected. it’s hard organizing this all, especially when you feel sick, but bear with me,i will share all with ya’s soon. love ya’s all