#23 1 Oz’em 3468 (8/23/2017) -Bad’lania Is STILL Rising

ok exactly 15 years ago,i  released my 1st commercial cd,’Bad’lania Rising’ I had just rebuilt from a house fire that destroyed everything, including my Tascam 4 track cassette. I replaced it with a Korg 16 track digital workstation. I had the task of what to do with 14 tracks to record on. I started learning and buying instruments -flutes, trombones, shahnai’s. bombards and everything else you could think of. I actually became proficient on the flute as this was my peak of Jethro Tull. I sharpened my skills on the bass and played all chords and leads as it was 18 cds and 9 years away of me touching a 6 string guitar. I released the cd. my flute and bass prowess was noted as well as my very distorted vocals. it was a very interesting record that got mixed reviews all around. it was released on 8/27/2002.

fast forward 15 years and 32 cd’s-and guess what–Bad’lania is still rising-so I must celebrate by putting out a double 33 song cd perhaps no less polished than its namesake. it celebrates the 30+ cd’s in-between, some were loved, some hated but all created a reaction and that’s what I did this for. this career shouldn’t have lasted more than 2 albums, but there always those who loved me and supported me and for those I rocked on and against all odds am still doing. this was a very difficult cd to produce as I went into crisis in the beginning of production and as I was finishing up the crisis peaked and I was hospitalized this month for 8 days but still pushed myself to get this out for the 8/27 due date and I did just that by the grace of the G-d of Israel. I feel as sick as when I went to the hospital and i’m not getting better–so this one is a gift to all of you. it also celebrates my more notable live shows-the 9/5/2005 viva la bam show at the Downtown, the 2008-10 tour at the Crazy Donkey, 2011’s “My Last Show” and the 2016 Farewell Quadrophenia tour.

here is ‘Bad’lania Is Still Rising: 3rd King of Jewish Punk #32/70 and A Protest To My Own Rebellion #33/71’

love ya’s all and thank you, all of you

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