#25-20 Etan’im 3468-11 October 2017–it’s been 6 weeks since my last cd. have I been silenced finally?

maybe many of you seeing that got happy, and a few maybe sad—that’s all HOGWASH–no one reads or cares of what I do. the problem here is i’m taking forever to die and people for the most part don’t really want to hear this rhetoric any more so I kept silent . silent as I had no album at all in the works.

I came out of the hospital on 8/8/2017 worse than when I went in and kept on getting worse and worse until I was referred to a sub-department of Sloan-Kettering’s hospice unit for palliative issues as in pain and progressive mental breakdown where I will be attending.

oh yeah an album? you bet. “Maniac In The Hospice Gates #34/72” I have done 11 songs for 55 minutes, largely new originals. this is no joke—consider it a cry for help on all sides–a cry for help for people to damn sit down and listen to me as I am in trouble–but my G-d still watches over me . musically I did get and relearn the clarinet to celebrate my 50th anniversary playing that. you have to transpose a perfect 2nd above concert to match but it’s a more pure anarcho punk sound

I will release soon for all who care thru facebook/soundcloud.

love ya’s lots