#27-20 Sheban’iah 3468 (2/6/2018) I just finished a thrash punk version of Jethro Tull’s “A Passion Play” from the hospice!

yeah-don’t think this was done before–me, a solo artist covered Ian Anderson’s 1973 prog rock opus in thrash punk metal style. not because it was easy, but because it was hard. it took about 2 weeks to rewrite, perform, record yada. all the viable beats I have are in 4/4–the original spends much time in 12/8 time, 6/8, 3/2 so I either had to rush or linger certain phrases to make them fit. this piece is really a thrash metal piece at its roots. my version runs 39 minutes.

oh did I mention, I did it from the hospice. I now started tull’s prior album “Thick As A Brick”–please have a listen—-love ya’s.


#25-20 Etan’im 3468-11 October 2017–it’s been 6 weeks since my last cd. have I been silenced finally?

maybe many of you seeing that got happy, and a few maybe sad—that’s all HOGWASH–no one reads or cares of what I do. the problem here is i’m taking forever to die and people for the most part don’t really want to hear this rhetoric any more so I kept silent . silent as I had no album at all in the works.

I came out of the hospital on 8/8/2017 worse than when I went in and kept on getting worse and worse until I was referred to a sub-department of Sloan-Kettering’s hospice unit for palliative issues as in pain and progressive mental breakdown where I will be attending.

oh yeah an album? you bet. “Maniac In The Hospice Gates #34/72” I have done 11 songs for 55 minutes, largely new originals. this is no joke—consider it a cry for help on all sides–a cry for help for people to damn sit down and listen to me as I am in trouble–but my G-d still watches over me . musically I did get and relearn the clarinet to celebrate my 50th anniversary playing that. you have to transpose a perfect 2nd above concert to match but it’s a more pure anarcho punk sound

I will release soon for all who care thru facebook/soundcloud.

love ya’s lots

#23 1 Oz’em 3468 (8/23/2017) -Bad’lania Is STILL Rising

ok exactly 15 years ago,i  released my 1st commercial cd,’Bad’lania Rising’ I had just rebuilt from a house fire that destroyed everything, including my Tascam 4 track cassette. I replaced it with a Korg 16 track digital workstation. I had the task of what to do with 14 tracks to record on. I started learning and buying instruments -flutes, trombones, shahnai’s. bombards and everything else you could think of. I actually became proficient on the flute as this was my peak of Jethro Tull. I sharpened my skills on the bass and played all chords and leads as it was 18 cds and 9 years away of me touching a 6 string guitar. I released the cd. my flute and bass prowess was noted as well as my very distorted vocals. it was a very interesting record that got mixed reviews all around. it was released on 8/27/2002.

fast forward 15 years and 32 cd’s-and guess what–Bad’lania is still rising-so I must celebrate by putting out a double 33 song cd perhaps no less polished than its namesake. it celebrates the 30+ cd’s in-between, some were loved, some hated but all created a reaction and that’s what I did this for. this career shouldn’t have lasted more than 2 albums, but there always those who loved me and supported me and for those I rocked on and against all odds am still doing. this was a very difficult cd to produce as I went into crisis in the beginning of production and as I was finishing up the crisis peaked and I was hospitalized this month for 8 days but still pushed myself to get this out for the 8/27 due date and I did just that by the grace of the G-d of Israel. I feel as sick as when I went to the hospital and i’m not getting better–so this one is a gift to all of you. it also celebrates my more notable live shows-the 9/5/2005 viva la bam show at the Downtown, the 2008-10 tour at the Crazy Donkey, 2011’s “My Last Show” and the 2016 Farewell Quadrophenia tour.

here is ‘Bad’lania Is Still Rising: 3rd King of Jewish Punk #32/70 and A Protest To My Own Rebellion #33/71’

love ya’s all and thank you, all of you

#21-8 Mid’bar 3468,(7/2/2017)”Bad’lania Is Still Rising”-a double record for the 15th anniversary of my 1st cd

8/27/2002-my first CD, ‘Bad’lania Rising” was released. for its 15th anniversary I will release a double cd called ‘Bad’lania Is Still Rising:3rd King of Jewish Punk #32/70 and “LoungeCore for the Working Poor #33/71″. the 1st disc will continue in the KJP series rewriting and reworking my vast back catalog.
on the second one it’s kind of different. it will be primarily instrumental work-ups of songs on thr KJP series. I do this not to sell out ,but to help fulfill an item on my bucket list-to have a song licensed. the music supervisors don’t care i’m having a Jewish Riot or i’m fighting a bitter battle with cancer, they just need something that will work with a synch.i so far have no success on this, but have been shortlisted 12x and 3x final selected. it’s hard organizing this all, especially when you feel sick, but bear with me,i will share all with ya’s soon. love ya’s all

#20–13 Ab’ib 3468-(4/9/2017)-‘1st Diaspora-Egypt’ my Passover offering from ‘2nd King of Jewish Punk’

today, by Sundown. I will release my 4th single from my forthcoming 31st cd and 69th recording “2nd King of Jewish Punk” #31/#69. As all recordings on the King of Jewish punk series, these were songs from my back-catalog that I am rewriting and rerecording. “1st Diaspora-Egypt” was originally from my 16th cd “Diaspora: A folk-punk History of the Hebrew Nation” released 3/31/2009. it covers the Passover story in 6:05 from the slavery of Joseph to the desert wanderings. love ya’s all
here are the words:

a brother
sold as a slave
prime minister rises from the dungeon cave
a Prophecy-of ugly cows and grain
from a Prophecy: one million saved.

a clan
numbering 67
becomes a Nation 10, 000-fold
implied threat to Pharoah’s horde
“Build me pyramids!”
no straw will be doled.

The Miracle of Redemption
series of plagues numbering ten
the Sea of Reeds is divided
Pharoah’s hordes lie beaten

Freed from the Egyptian Diaspora
we’ll be slaves many times for our sins
40 years to die in the Desert/ a Chosen Nation
He will always forgive.

#19–1 Ab’ib 3468-27 March 2017–HAPPY NEW YEAR 3468!!!

‘And the L-RD spoke to Moses and Aaron in the Land of Egypt saying, This month shall mark the beginning of the months for you. It shall be the first of the year’–Exodus 12.1
what does this say? it says at Sundown tonight it will be the new year according to G-d’s Commandment, in fact the first Commandment He gave the Israelites as a nation. it was 2 weeks before the first Passover.i’m no sure why I get looked at as if I had 2 heads when stating this.it is a Commandment of the G-d of Israel, one of the 613 yet is it true this is only followed among the Hebrews by the Bad’lans yet the other 10 million or so Hebrews choose to celebrate on the Feast of Trumpets on the 1st day of the 7th month which I don’t think is right.

I know as I was told about 4 different Hebrew new years I think civil, religious, tree and another. I choose to celebrate the one our G-d commanded us to.

Happy New Year 3468.
love ya’s all

#18–6 Acher’on-12 3467-3/5/2017-The True , Sad Story of “Jewish Riot”

it was 27 June 2003, almost 14 years ago. in those days I had released my 1st album “Bad’lania Rising” and was finalizing my 2nd Jewish Lightning. I had a real lot of very experimental cuts, some of which made it to my 3rd ‘Desert Fever Brigade’ among those that didn’t make the album was a loud instrumental called ‘Violate The Bass!’
I was on a German-based on-line music distributor called besonic.com. I had some songs in the top 100 sub-genre charts but short-lived. I then released “Violate the Bass!” under the experimental noise sub-genre. the next day, it bolted from nowhere to #4 on the global All Genre chart. many there didn’t like the idea of me being there, and the song really wasn’t that good.i began to receive threatening emails from artists and listeners from Germany. they posted blogs against me in German accusing me of fixing the charts. they overestimated me. I didn’t know how to do that, and if I did know, I would never do such a thing. I couldn’t understand the German in the blogs, but I saw the word ‘juden’ in there and got very frightened. I had to think what to do. i couldn’t play the game they were playing, so this is what I did.it became a war where members of the Jewish community on the site were rallying to me, protecting my reputation.
I wrote a song called “Jewish Riot” as my response of the war I thought was long over==it wentlike this, very loudly.









it went to #12 in the punk sub-genre, 107 overall.

I read their blogs in German with a free translator.

it basically said-‘a call to war. this one wants a Jewish Riot. lets put on the black boots again and smash Judah.

the site admin deleted all of them from the site because of this.

I still can’t believe this shit still goes on.

#17-Gangsta Rabbi Battles Cancer, Wonders “Has the G-d of Israel written a scorching rocker for me to play in Heaven—but not until I get there?”

Guest Post by Michael Croland, author of Oy Oy Oy Gevalt! Jews and Punk In January, Steve “Gangsta Rabbi” Lieberman released The King of Jewish Punk, his 30th album (68th if you count his 38 prior …

Source: Gangsta Rabbi Battles Cancer, Wonders “Has the G-d of Israel written a scorching rocker for me to play in Heaven—but not until I get there?”

#16–25 Caftor’im 3467 (2/20/2017) they were embarrassed of me.They said I was “Just another acid-rocker”

it’s been over 11 years since this happened but I couldn’t talk of it till now. won’t mention names as the gag order was on so tight. here it goes.
for multiple decades I served an organization (as a financial executive) who took pride in its tolerance for diversity. except if you ar a Jewish punk rocker.
I played a number of shows sponsored by them in my early days 1994,1995 and 2000. it was great playing in my own neighborhood for many people I now. they really enjoyed the shows as evidenced by the applause on my live cassettes, ‘mission of Tolerance 5755’ (1994), ‘Ministering the Badlan’im (1995) and Berlin 3451 (2000). a new person came to power.
its now 2006.my career took a fall when the Downtown closed in 9/2005. then I received some great news. the long island news network, News 12 wanted to do a special on me as a human interest story ie, financial executive by day, punk rocker by night. a few of my co-workers came down to the Pisces café in Babylon to see the taping on 1/25/2006. I played “garbage man’ my loudest and fastest song I have. they taped parts of my performance and interviewed me and my colleagues.it went great nd I was excited.
it aired on News 12 on 2/8/2006 for thousands of people and ws played every hour on the half hour and ran about 7 minutes. I recorded it on vcr.everybody congratulated me. but then the shit show happened
. some of my coworkers who attended the show and were interviewed had received calls from a member of the ceo’s staff for their thoughts on me and their reaction to my ‘double life’.no one said anything good or bad about the organization. my assistant mentioned the name of the place we worked and she bore the brunt of it. as for me, no one called me.i would have defended them with my life, but no one called me -it was my show and no one called.
for about 3 weeks, the ceo would not speak to me or my assistant. when he finally did, he said something to the effect that ‘his numbers guy bites the head off bats like ozzy osbourne. I was so embarassed’.
for the next 4 or 5 years, none of my coworkers attended any of my shows until another man came to power.
I’ve been retired from that organization for 2 1/2 years now. the gag order was on so tight, i’m still frightened to mention names.before returned, different men came to power who were much more open to my diversity. Blessed be G-d