#15–16 Caftor’im 3467 (2/11/2017) “3 Little Puppies”: perhaps my favorite song I ever wrote

it was 12/2010 and I was at a crossroad.in the 3 years since I came back from the psych ward, my bipolar/major depressive disorder was under decent control. 6 months prior, I was diagnosed with the polycythemia vera, the first stage of cancer. i wasn’t worried about that then (and still not worried). they therapeutically removed 37 pints of blood in the 1st 15 or s weeks, leaving me weakened and getting no results so I stopped going.

I was on JDub Records and was working on my 19th album, “The Rabbi Is Dead” (no reference to mortality of mine anyway.) I was still distraught over the untimely death of my 2nd puppy, Midnite Buttons who had passed suddenly tat past August 5. 4 days later, we adopted a beautiful flat coated retriever dog named Mori Midnite Buttons. she was 10 years old then, but very healthy. she gave us 3 1/2 wonderful years. I always worried about her.

I wrote the lyrics to ‘3 little puppies’. it read more as a children’s story than a bombastic punk number. I put down the tracks and looked at the cute green kid’s 6-string guitar. in 19 albums,i never ever used a 6-string, I played all the chords and leads on the bass. i picked up this little green guitar and tried to distort it, but whatever I did, it would come out sounding like a surf guitar. it sounded cool. I added it to the rest of the album.

i’m redoing it for my 31st, ‘ the 2nd King of Jewish Punk.’ i’ll share that with ya’s tomorrow. ok, i’m getting real tired now. here are the words. love ya’s.


Story Behind the Song
SONG OF LOSS for my 2 puppies who passed, and my 3rd one was adapted at 10


Three little puppies resting in the sun
Little Midnite just 6, Buttons-21
Mori, the only puppy still with me
In dog years about 60 or 73.

Three little puppies as I open the fridge
Midnite and Buttons on the rainbow bridge
Mori begs for a tasty treat
she gives me a paw, she knows how to speak


Three little puppies laying in the shade
Got one little puppy and two puppy graves
Midnite and Buttons have a memorial den
it says “2004 to 2010”

Buttons lived to see a good old age
Midnite’s life was just a turn of a page
Mori now, she’s turning gray
she needs a nap right after she plays

#14–12 Caftor’im 3467 (2/7/2017)I am the MIRACLE BOY OF THE G-D OF ISRAEL

THe reason is simple. I got terminal leukemia. all prognosis stuff had me dead in October 2015. it’s 16 months later and i’m here writing blogs to you. can’t sit up that long or stand up even less. the disease took 40 something percent of my body weight-which actually is good. the pain from enlarged spleen and liver is mostly unbearable and I even temporarily died twice and saw the purity of the afterlife. so why am I the miracle boy of the G-d of Israel. I never saw a cancer doctor in 6 months. I put my trust in G=d and for some reason it was His will to sustain me. I should have been dead a while ago but here I am. after this, I will record tracks for my 31st album.

heres the timeline
2010-6/18 got diagnosed with polycythemia vera-a cancer in which the bone marrow produces too many red cells and is uncurable. the treatment is removing a pint of blood every few weeks or so to keep the red cell count in line. in the beginning, I needed 4 pints of blood removed. it did not lower the reds.in my case, whites and platelets were also off the chart. this was all from a mutated chromosome called the MPL(myeloprolifirative leukemia)/JAK2-v617f with the dangerous allele burden c1849<t. doesn't look like a normal life ahead.

2011-12/11 after not seeing cancer doctors for months, I get put on a myelosuppressive chemotherapy which too I ineffective. I retire from the stage as my health was in decline at that time

2013-7/17 first bone marrow biopsy reveals that the disease progressed into secondary myelofibrosis, a disease where the bone marrow petrifies to fiber and becomes unable to produce blood cells.the cells it does produced are cancerous and poor blood cells are produced by the spleen and then the liver which also eat the cancer cells so the organs become huge and painful all the time.this condition is deadly and with the risk factors I had gave me 2.2 years.
2013-9/3-2014-02/7 2nd round of chemotherapy-the use of heat shock inhibitors to attack the mutation and slow progression. this did not work and got me sicker.
2014–a very bad year. had 36 blood tranfusions and spent a total of 48 days in hospital. passed out pretty much every day from lack of hemoglobin. with now the disease was in the high risk myelofibrosis, both NYS and the Federal gov't gave me full disability retirement after a 35 year career. 100-150 people attended my retirement party and I performed a song from my 'cancer ward' album.
2015-10/4—3rd round of chemo–a medicine that attacks the Jak2 mutation–it didn't work. my spleen burst that year–usually deadly but not for me.
2016-6-8 4th round-more hsp90's. I knew it wouldn't work but I stayed on as the research from me provided answers to cure juvenile leukemia and was worth all the sicknes I got.
2016-6/8 my 12th biopsy revealed beginning transformation to the final stop-acute myeloid leukemia. when blast cells hit 20 percent then its pretty much over. I had 2 percent then and in the hospital the reading 7.6.
2016-12/29 hospitalzed 29 days with leukemia induced pneumonia which is frequently deadly so they put me in a coma and again I visited the Lowest of Heavens.
and that is why I am the G-d of Israel's miracle boy.i went through so many things that for most are deadly. I should have been dead a half dozen times but G-d sustained my life other than 2 temporary deaths. He has plans for mr.

#13–6 Caftor’im 3467 (2/1/2017) in April 1973–one great day in a sea of miserable ones

it was sometime in 4/1973. we were in 9th grade in junior high preparing for high school. I was finishing up my 2nd full year in jazz band with a good proficiency by then in the reading and playing music there. most of my haters and disrespectors were silenced by my slowly growing abilities. in mepham HS, where we would go that September, the current bass player and lead guitar were graduating,leaving vacancies in those positions.
the High school band director visited Jerusalem Ave junior high on a Tuesday ib April 1973. me and Nick were gonna be 15 that June. Mr Rockwin came to audition us for the 2 vacancies in the jazz band left by the 2 graduates. he hands me the bass part. instead of all bass music which is written an octave higher to avoid too many ledger lines below the bass clef staff, this was written in rhe true pitch where only the higher notes starting with G on the 5th fret of the D=string. was he trying to weed me out by giving me music impossible to read? but I was also 1st tuba player in the regular band–reading those ledger lines with proficiency.i ‘m not sure who was drumming for us. the director counted it off. Nick is playing all these 9th and 11th jazz chords perfectly as i’m reading this strange looking chart. the song was ib the key of Bb much harder than I was used to but we both hit it out of the park. then we got to letter C. the drummer plays a fill and now the music looked like Eb////Bb////C////Ab////. I said what the heck do I do here. the drummer changes ro a swing beat and I decided to plau arpeggio’s 4 quarter notes.Nick started shredding jazz and I took a solo. I was bot to good at improve. nevertheless, before mr rockwin left he appointed me as bassist and nick as guitarist for the 1973-1974 mepham high school jazzband. in December that year, we travelled to Chicago for a festival and me and Nick started playing together in a rock band which eventually became Transit. 43 years later he joined me to play the real me on my 2016 farewell tour.

but I don’t remember if I had breakfast today.
lobe ya’s all

#12-4 Caftor’im 3467 (1/30/2017) The First Book of the Badlan’im-Hal’lel#2-THE PRAYER OF REPENTENANCE OF THE BAD’LAN

The First Book of The Badlan’im
The prayers to the G-d Of Israel
Hal’lel # 2
From the Bad’lan

1-Thou hast blessed Thy servant by granting me all the blessings of the heart and soul until I wanted for nothing.
2-In the wisdom Thou hast granted me (in the years that followed) I know now it would have been proper to bless, praise, exalt and glorify Thy Holy Name and offer Thee prayers of thanksgiving for the blessings and great blessings Thou has granted me.
3-But instead , I turned arrogant in my prosperity.
4-And when my iniquity was fulfilled, Thou sent me through desolation.
5-but even as I served in desolation, Thou hast graciously sustained me.
6-And from my desolation. I confessed, repented and lamented my sins before Thee
7-And in Thine infinite Goodness, Thou hast heard my prayer and brought me back to Thy Service.
8-Now I serve and will serve Thee with all my heart, all my soul and all my might for all the days Thou grant me.

Repentenance for 3437-3444
Lev Avar’an bar-Eliazer ha-Bad’lan ha-Nazar’i

THis prayer is unusual for Jewish
prayer as it goes directly from me to G-d. that is an important principle of the Bad’lans-to pray continually with ‘anchor’ Hallels said at different times of the day-in conjuction with the authorized Hebrew prayer book and continual Bible study from the books of Genesis to 2nd Chronicles

#4–My borrowed time #3-today in Bad’lania 23 Bul-Mar-Cheshvan 3467-and here 12/22/2016-FREE DOWNLOAD CARDS!!!

forever concerned with the legacy i leave, both personally and musically, i spent the month of September to personally digitize my early works from 1991-1998 and released the following 2 albums under the band name Bop Bop bigger Bab-‘L(featuring Steve Lieberman):

#-2 The Underground Sessions #1 (1994-1998)

and (#-1) The Underground Sessions:the First of The Great Punk Bassists (1991-1994).

there are about 51 songs here–the session 1 is after G-d called me so has a religious yet rebellious tinge while session 2 is highly explisit .all are done with me–bass,vocals and beats recorded on cassette.

just email me at gangstarabbi@hotmail.com or pm me on facebook. i will either send you the code or if you like the physical card.

the last 2 days were very typical for me post-illness. i got up at 9 when Green Acres was on channel 114. i keep 114(Antenna TV) on all night because i can’t see the clock so i determine the time on the episode they’re playing and motr importantly, if the angel of death visits he will go away when he hears the tv.i then serve my G-d with the tefillin and read the scriptures. then i go into the studio and work on album 31/69 of the King of Jewish Punk. there is only 2 places i now feel safe==sitting on the double dog bed in the front of my board and in my own bed.i always feel sicker when i get up from the bed and it takes me no less than 10 minutes to get up from the bed.

and lastly, there is The First Book Of The Badlan’im. it is 4 chapters of prayers i wrote from 1995-1996 . it only exists in my memory–i will write down before i lose that!


love ya’s all much



#11–28 Bad’lania 3467 (1/26/2017)–“25 Days in A Coma” lyrics. the story of my long visit to the Lowest Of Heavens

“25 Days In A Coma”-Steve Lieberman (1/2017)

25 days in a coma
6 full months of Sabbath days
Saw an Angel save civilization
then reaffirmed his Holy nation

25 days in a coma
As we traversed Mount Gilboa
We saw the death of our first king
I shouted—“Down!”
And we mournfully sing.

Emerald sapphire purity
That is how the afterlife looked to me.


25 days in a coma
Stickshift through the lowest of Heavens
Little spring green puppy car
Goes from Horse-Speed21π to -7

25 days in a coma
Traverse the principality 0f Gath.
The angel anointed for something.
We’ll have to wait to see what.

Emerald sapphire purity
That is how the afterlife looked to me.


I come back to life-it’s all over
My 25 days in a coma
My Angel said ‘now you’re all well’
As the Cancer Ward sounds the celebration bell.

The Lowest of Heavens full of things I love
Little puppy cars,purity from above.
Always going Horse-speed 21Ω
That is what I saw in the Afterlife.

my visit to the afterlife–less intense than my 1st temporary death because of the long time spent.
Horse-speed 21pi–when worked out in comes to 65.94–was the angel raising my life expectancy? or is it a velocity constant of 500 light years–the estimated distance to the lowest of Heavens. He gave me minor
diplomatic tasks to do–to stop the cheering when King Saul died as David did and perhaps be military governor of the Philistine principality of Gath to bring peace between Israel and the philistines–that one was tricky.

full song to follow–need to relearn some instruments first. love yas all

#9-18 Bad’ania 3467-1/19/2017–’25 Days In a Coma’ does prayer work on deadly diseases ? you and I know–and believe!

ok–I got leukemia-induced pneumonia. on 12/29 they put me into a coma else I would have surely died. but I didn’t. I come out a slimmer, healthier bad boy needed to eat paper as that’s all I could get but w/bad hair. from my 45 years of biblical studies and searching the ways of the G-d of Israel–prayer saved my life again. the afterlife was less intense this time.but who wakes from that w/0 scathing. I have to thank my loved ones who held their vigil for me.im not sure of the number,nor does it matter, but I know I appeared on so many rfuah shlama lists–albout 1/2 Jewish,1/2 Christian and actually a handful of Islam. did prayer save my life? you bet ya/ my real test was in 3447 (1996)when I figured the Badlan sect and risked lots in the service of my G=d

#8-28 Bul-Mar-chesh’van 3467 or 12/27/2016-did I win this season? or just keep losing? it was 2 losses to 1 win

the first loss was last month-a specialty commercial DJ had developed a tendendency for my perstistancty of sending him songs. by chanukkah 2010 he aired my “No Festival Of Lights:(On this Chanukah) on either WRXP 101.7 or another commercial station-102 100.5 in the middle of the dial where z100.3 was. that was my biggest thrill–not at 87.7 or 90.5 the left of the dial where I belonged but w/ bruce, Bieber, Madonna. between 2011 and 2014 he reached out to me–I used wrote him a special song-he played it on his special weekly Hanukkah show. I reached out to him in 2015 in nov. as I already penned ‘spin a dreidl all around me.’ it was thw anchor song of my 25th, ‘terminator v617f’. he answered me back in 2 weeks for a and spot 12/15/15 between 11 and 1 am on the Shark WWSK 94.3-thrilling as I enjoyed te station myself. I stayed up to 1.30 ick as as I was.
this year 11/2/16 I reached to him on his special e-mail–3 attempts—nothing and then 2 on his facebook–nothing. yesterday nite was the chanakkauah show–and from mee =nothing– I was saddened.

2nd loss–”oy songs” promoting jewish music by jewish artists–a natural fit? NO–I GET THIs Freeeeking form letter

Dear Dr. steve lieberman,

Your application to become a new oySongs artist has been carefully examined by our staff.

At this time, we will not pursue an arrangement to sell your music. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at oy@oySongs.com.

Thank you,


THATS COLD TO THE CORE. addly, Jewish Rock Raddio gave me their second ignoring of the year.
BUT THE SEASON WAS A BIG WINNER!!! THE Academia grant me my 2 nd award for the best (get this) FUNK/FUSIONfor Hall’el 467″ from the new CD–my 1st award for being King!! they invited me to a red carpet gala celebration on 4/20/2017 in LA! and there was a great station playing lots of my songs called JacksPunkDemonistration.com.

the sad part, my health is falling quick and am unsure how long it will be. but I am a winner as I told you all these things today–I have much advanced dementia and I have omore pills for the spleen andliver. the pain excruiciates. love you all lots–steve ‘the father of the punkrock flute’ the gangsta rabbi’ ‘the self=proclaimed king of jewish punk,’the king of jewish punk’ Lieberman. love yas greatly

#7-Different Puppies I love :part 1-Buttons bat-Sheva berechiah Caftorim (29 Dec.1989-22 Sept.2004)

there’s no doubt that Rocky was the first dog I ever liked. he was a long haired German Shepherd owned by friend Ike born c.1974–not Ike, Rocky. it was a long time til I loved a dog and her name was Buttons. she was my 1st dog. we bought our 1st house in Freeport on 12/24/1991, I completed my 1dt cassette few days later, ‘Bang The Bass Bopmania’ and then adopted Buttons on 12/29/1991.her b’day–easy they said she was between 1 and 3 (b.1986,87 or 89) and it was 12/29/1991–so 12/29/89–no rocket science. he came at an opportune time for me –right between my daughters, heidi(1985) was older sister and beckah(1994) as younger. songs of Buttons wee all over my early cd’s :Puppy . For buttons, 2002-badlania Rising.2003 Desert Fever brigade For Buttons 14t 12/29/03,Liquitia 455 (2004)Dogpark 2004. and th list continues. I was pleased that buttons lived 14.75 or 103 in dogyears. she was the 1st dog I ever loved Buttons Bat-Shevah berechiah caftorim (1989-2004) or 3440-3455