#12-4 Caftor’im 3467 (1/30/2017) The First Book of the Badlan’im-Hal’lel#2-THE PRAYER OF REPENTENANCE OF THE BAD’LAN

The First Book of The Badlan’im
The prayers to the G-d Of Israel
Hal’lel # 2
From the Bad’lan

1-Thou hast blessed Thy servant by granting me all the blessings of the heart and soul until I wanted for nothing.
2-In the wisdom Thou hast granted me (in the years that followed) I know now it would have been proper to bless, praise, exalt and glorify Thy Holy Name and offer Thee prayers of thanksgiving for the blessings and great blessings Thou has granted me.
3-But instead , I turned arrogant in my prosperity.
4-And when my iniquity was fulfilled, Thou sent me through desolation.
5-but even as I served in desolation, Thou hast graciously sustained me.
6-And from my desolation. I confessed, repented and lamented my sins before Thee
7-And in Thine infinite Goodness, Thou hast heard my prayer and brought me back to Thy Service.
8-Now I serve and will serve Thee with all my heart, all my soul and all my might for all the days Thou grant me.

Repentenance for 3437-3444
Lev Avar’an bar-Eliazer ha-Bad’lan ha-Nazar’i

THis prayer is unusual for Jewish
prayer as it goes directly from me to G-d. that is an important principle of the Bad’lans-to pray continually with ‘anchor’ Hallels said at different times of the day-in conjuction with the authorized Hebrew prayer book and continual Bible study from the books of Genesis to 2nd Chronicles

#4–My borrowed time #3-today in Bad’lania 23 Bul-Mar-Cheshvan 3467-and here 12/22/2016-FREE DOWNLOAD CARDS!!!

forever concerned with the legacy i leave, both personally and musically, i spent the month of September to personally digitize my early works from 1991-1998 and released the following 2 albums under the band name Bop Bop bigger Bab-‘L(featuring Steve Lieberman):

#-2 The Underground Sessions #1 (1994-1998)

and (#-1) The Underground Sessions:the First of The Great Punk Bassists (1991-1994).

there are about 51 songs here–the session 1 is after G-d called me so has a religious yet rebellious tinge while session 2 is highly explisit .all are done with me–bass,vocals and beats recorded on cassette.

just email me at gangstarabbi@hotmail.com or pm me on facebook. i will either send you the code or if you like the physical card.

the last 2 days were very typical for me post-illness. i got up at 9 when Green Acres was on channel 114. i keep 114(Antenna TV) on all night because i can’t see the clock so i determine the time on the episode they’re playing and motr importantly, if the angel of death visits he will go away when he hears the tv.i then serve my G-d with the tefillin and read the scriptures. then i go into the studio and work on album 31/69 of the King of Jewish Punk. there is only 2 places i now feel safe==sitting on the double dog bed in the front of my board and in my own bed.i always feel sicker when i get up from the bed and it takes me no less than 10 minutes to get up from the bed.

and lastly, there is The First Book Of The Badlan’im. it is 4 chapters of prayers i wrote from 1995-1996 . it only exists in my memory–i will write down before i lose that!


love ya’s all much



#11–28 Bad’lania 3467 (1/26/2017)–“25 Days in A Coma” lyrics. the story of my long visit to the Lowest Of Heavens

“25 Days In A Coma”-Steve Lieberman (1/2017)

25 days in a coma
6 full months of Sabbath days
Saw an Angel save civilization
then reaffirmed his Holy nation

25 days in a coma
As we traversed Mount Gilboa
We saw the death of our first king
I shouted—“Down!”
And we mournfully sing.

Emerald sapphire purity
That is how the afterlife looked to me.


25 days in a coma
Stickshift through the lowest of Heavens
Little spring green puppy car
Goes from Horse-Speed21π to -7

25 days in a coma
Traverse the principality 0f Gath.
The angel anointed for something.
We’ll have to wait to see what.

Emerald sapphire purity
That is how the afterlife looked to me.


I come back to life-it’s all over
My 25 days in a coma
My Angel said ‘now you’re all well’
As the Cancer Ward sounds the celebration bell.

The Lowest of Heavens full of things I love
Little puppy cars,purity from above.
Always going Horse-speed 21Ω
That is what I saw in the Afterlife.

my visit to the afterlife–less intense than my 1st temporary death because of the long time spent.
Horse-speed 21pi–when worked out in comes to 65.94–was the angel raising my life expectancy? or is it a velocity constant of 500 light years–the estimated distance to the lowest of Heavens. He gave me minor
diplomatic tasks to do–to stop the cheering when King Saul died as David did and perhaps be military governor of the Philistine principality of Gath to bring peace between Israel and the philistines–that one was tricky.

full song to follow–need to relearn some instruments first. love yas all

#9-18 Bad’ania 3467-1/19/2017–’25 Days In a Coma’ does prayer work on deadly diseases ? you and I know–and believe!

ok–I got leukemia-induced pneumonia. on 12/29 they put me into a coma else I would have surely died. but I didn’t. I come out a slimmer, healthier bad boy needed to eat paper as that’s all I could get but w/bad hair. from my 45 years of biblical studies and searching the ways of the G-d of Israel–prayer saved my life again. the afterlife was less intense this time.but who wakes from that w/0 scathing. I have to thank my loved ones who held their vigil for me.im not sure of the number,nor does it matter, but I know I appeared on so many rfuah shlama lists–albout 1/2 Jewish,1/2 Christian and actually a handful of Islam. did prayer save my life? you bet ya/ my real test was in 3447 (1996)when I figured the Badlan sect and risked lots in the service of my G=d